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Books have power.  They influence, encourage, enlighten and empower us.  But what happens in a world where books have real power - power to heal or destroy, power to protect or incapacitate, power to discover or to hide?  Join with a group of friends or go it alone as you embark on a journey to protect or to exploit the power of books.

Status: Coming to Kickstarter 2021

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Project Journal


October - December 2020

We have been in the process of creating the biographies of the characters, the back story for the game and more of the elements that will make up this little universe.  Not everything will be needed for the game, but it is giving some nice depth to the game.


August - September 2020

Getting new artwork is a lot like Christmas.  When you pass an idea onto the artist, and then get back the artwork, it can be really exciting.  It was around this time that we started getting some of the next level artwork for New Bindings.

early proto.jpg

June - July 2020

One of the fun (and yet challenging) jobs of creating a new game is finding the right mechanics and balancing them out in such a way that the game flows well, is fun to play and does not get tedious.  We have been doing a lot of testing the last couple of months!

early proto 1.jpg

April - May 2020

We have had a lot of fun with some of the initial prototypes, but they just were not engaging enough.  It was during this time that a new idea formed.  What if books had power, and it was possible to bind the book to yourself and make use of that power?


February 2020

Originally the game idea was around repairing old books and finding rare books in the process.  That is what inspired the idea of books receiving "New Bindings".  This was when we started some of our earliest prototypes.


June 2019

Our entire family are avid readers, and the original idea for this game came from my daughter who loves old books.  As her collection of old books grew, it triggered the idea of what kind of influence all these books have on us.  It wasn't long before the idea for a game took shape.

Early Concept Artwork

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