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An epic science fiction board game where you risk it all to brave the chaos of the Perpetuity system.

  • Unique table presence and rotating board design

  • Cooperative, Competitive and Solo game play

  • Play as a hero or as Perpetuity itself.

  • Optional companion mobile app with the ability for Perpetuity to play itself via A.I. 

  • Several game modes for immersion, re-playability and multiple difficulty levels.

Coming to Kickstarter

2nd quarter 2022


Status: Coming to Kickstarter 2022


"When an author creates a book with deep and genuine emotions, and such a book discovers an equally deep emotion from an owner, a bond of incredible power begins to manifest.  A power, if unchecked, could tear apart our very existence.  A power we simply must eradicate at all costs." - Raulic si Nicci


Status: Available in store and online


Crazy autumn weather has swept over the neighborhood and left your yard in tatters.  Work alone or together with your neighbors in this engaging adventure that combines brilliant puzzly mechanics with engine building to create a unique challenge each and every time you play.

PAV010 Laurels Physical Games Finalist F

Status:  Available in store and online


Some days you just can't seem to pull yourself together in this fun and quirky family game.  Your job is simple (or is it?)  Help your zombie friend get themselves together and ready for their upcoming date.  Combining card collecting, bidding and a dash of luck, this game for 2-6 players is easy to learn and fun to play.