Nothing lasts forever


Coming to Kickstarter 2021



For eons, the system known as Perpetuity has been known as the gem of universe.  Perfect in every detail.  The very name crying for recognition of it's unending perfection.  Until now...

What began as easily dismissed events nearly a decade ago have now become dangerous and ever increasingly powerful shifts in the very forces that govern the known universe.  Gravity, space, time and matter no longer have any constancy in the Perpetuity system.  All who had the means have fled, but those who remain now face certain extinction.

Are you willing to risk it all and join a cause that is doomed to failure?  Our only other option is to abandon the inhabitants, artifacts and resources of the Perpetuity worlds to oblivion.  Will you join us in making an effort to change their fate?


Perpetuity: Grave Descent is a worker placement, engine building adventure set in outer space.  Players can choose to play Solo, Cooperative and Competitive in a race against time and elements to save the inhabitants, artifacts and resources that will soon be destroyed if intervention is not made.

The problem?  Resources are scarce, so players must find their own.  The forces near Perpetuity are in constant motion and changing the rules with increasing frequency.  Time is short - only a small window remains to perform the rescue missions.

An immersive, intense and challenging adventure is waiting for heroes brave enough to risk it all for those in need.  Will you join the cause?

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