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2nd Quarter 2022


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When the Perpetuity system was first discovered, adventures, scientists and not a few thrill seekers sought out the system to be among the first to discover its secrets. 

Then it all came crashing down.

An unfortunate experiment caused the destruction of one of the ancient satellite protectors around one of the planets.  Perpetuity, the artificial star at the hear of the system, absorbed the dying technology.  Something changed in that moment.  Perpetuity become aware.  Aware of us.  Aware of its ability to control Space, Time, Matter and Gravity.  Aware that we had started the chain reaction that would lead to the systems eventual destruction.

Now we have only one option left.  Evacuate as many as we can and get as far from Perpetuity as possible.  But is there enough time?

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Perpetuity has 2 different chapters that can be played separately or together as a single campaign.

Chapter 1: Discovery

Perpetuity has just been discovered, and now explorers, adventures and scientists are anxiously exploring the system to discover the strange secrets of Perpetuity.  In this campaign, you compete (or work together) to build a space station, harvest resources, experiment on alien technology and make first contact with the alien inhabitants.

How to play

Players use multiple workers each round to perform a variety of actions.  Some of these include:

  • Collecting resources

  • Building improvements

  • Completing construction projects on the Space Station

  • Exploring the planets and making 1st contact

  • Experimenting on the alien technology

  • Making repairs

As the game progresses, the system becomes less stable, and players must adapt to the strange events that begin to occur.

Game information

How to win


Players race to complete 4 of the 7 key achievements:

  • Build 4 Improvements

  • Complete 3 Space Station Projects

  • Make 1st Contact

  • Unlock an Alien Artifact

  • Gain 5 Intelligence

  • Gain 5 Diplomacy

  • Harvest 10 of any resource


Players work together to finish ALL the key achievements (see above) before the system becomes unstable.

GameInfo_Campaign 1.png

Chapter 2: Evacuation

Perpetuity has become unstable.  The building, exploring and experimentation has led to the destruction of one of the protection satellites traveling around the system.  The system is now on an inevitable path to complete oblivion.  Players now work together (or semi-cooperate) to evacuate the system.  It is a race to keep the infrastructure, ships and people from being destroyed before the evacuation is complete.

How to play

Players use multiple workers each round to perform a variety of actions.  Some of these include:

  • Collecting resources

  • Repairing damaged systems

  • Reinforcing or repairing the Space Station

  • Evacuating alien inhabitants from the planets

  • Counter-acting the changes from Perpetuity

Players can choose to play as one of the mortals or as Perpetuity itself.

Game information


How to win


Players win when all aliens have been evacuated from the system of planets.

Players lose if any of the aliens are lost when a planet is destroyed.


Players race to complete 4 of the 6 key achievements:

  • Rescue 4 alien villages

  • Build 3 harvesting ships

  • Repair 3 damaged systems

  • Recover an artifact

  • Use an ultimate sacrifice

  • Build then upgrade a ship twice


When playing as Perpetuity, you win when any aliens are lost or the space station is destroyed.

The Choice

When playing the second chapter, you can choose who to play:



The Perpetuity rulebook is currently being tested and reviewed, and will be available soon.


Production plans

Currently we are finishing up the final round of changes and improvements we want to include in the game.  We will soon be entering into another round of playtesting and feedback for the next couple of months, and will then send out prototypes for a number of reviews and content providers.

Although these dates are tentative, we are working hard to bring Perpetuity to Kickstarter in the second quarter of 2022.


Our goal is to make most of Perpetuity language independent, with the exception of the rulebook and cards.  Those game elements that are not language independent will be provided in at least the following languages.

If we have enough support for other languages, we will also provide translations in PDF format for the rules and cards.

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